Adventure rat

I’ve been lounging about all day, lazily, soaking up some nurturing words and waiting for a friend to come whisk me away on an adventure. I heard rumor there was one little water fall in Margaret River. The trip advisor guide says, “ go up the log steps follow the path, cross the bridge, keep going, slide down the sand dune and when you see a sign take a right” along those lines. Bridget rolls up in here forest green, 4×4 van wagon. I hop in. Marigold and wildflower car freshener fill the space. This is the third time we’ve met but the first time spent together. She’s down to earth, high vibes and has got golden dreadlocks down to her lower back. We speak all the pleasantries on our ride, surrounded by miles of vineyards protected by thin metal wire fences as to say “you’re still welcome here come try our aromatic vino!” Gradual curves are a sweet lullaby on the road. “Look out for Moses Rock Road” Bridget interjects through the contemplative silence “You got it captain!” I pull up google maps, cause why risk it when technology is in the palm of your hand? “Looks to be about five minutes north on our left” “Perfect, we’ll catch sunset” “Beautiful” I say and we continue in our comfortable silence. Moses Rock Road is a gradient of paved to dirt to sand. We drive along nice and slow. Thickets […]

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