get a piece of dis deck

Love to Love Ya Baby. 

When I was 17 I fell in love with skateboarding. It was accidental. I accidentally stepped on a board. I accidentally sent myself flying forward. I accidentally fell to the ground. When I rose again, a grin from ear to ear was found.
Why? Why do we throttle ourselves into the concrete? To stay humble. To keep that wickedness at bay. To relieve the internal pain. Tumble ourselves again and again.
It's absolute bullox. Hurdling into near death. But we do it for the flight. There is no high better. Adrenaline seizing us, anything is possible. Keep going, keep pushing.

Com’mon n ride

Its time to be free
just you and me
we're gunna go ride tonight

If ya wanna feast
on my concrete beast
com'mon n ride

Do ya feel afraid
Keep it sweet n sturdy babe
Take my hands
n' we can ride

Com'mon n ride
Com'mon com'mon com'mon
and riiide

Wind flys with your hair
Vibrations rise up feet
Nothing matters no one competes
we all ride to be free

Com'mon n ride
Com'mon com'mon com'mon
and riiide
Com'mon n ride
Com'mon com'mon com'mon
and riiide

You got to you got to you got to be free ...
away away away..

Throw me to the ground. I press my left foot on the tail of my board. The front wheels compulsively rise in the air. Right foot gently presses the bolts followed by a leading shoulder that have no other way than down. Wind flies through my hair. A mandatory rush of adrenaline surges through my body. I am home. Home in my body. Home on this ramp. 
I'm at a standstill. There's not one good skate park in Byron Bay. Skateboarding seems so far away from me these days. Slipping from my fingertips. If I don't have skating then I don't have anything. Which breaks my heart a little more. What am I to do if I'm not a skater. Who am I? Was I ever actually a skateboarder or just another poser. Skating gives me power, though my fear of getting hurt may be overpowering