My mother said she loves me
"And who's going to love you like me?"
Without judgement
Your nitty gritty

I was angry she couldn't be my super hero
All the time
Her human showed
Reality that no one
Is perfect

Perhaps time has revealed
What a 'super hero'
Truly is; the one who keeps showing up

I’m so hangry I could rip out of my skin

Falling; down down down

Into timelessness; connected

I heard the trees dancing with the wind; have you ever noticed they sound like an ocean

Everything is together; intertwined in alternate realities

Here, now, begging for attention; what we were looking for was always right here

Do not cover your ears, seal your lips or shut your eyes; feel it all deeply, lose the fear of death and eternal demise

It’s all right here; screaming at us through the wind

We’ll never believe it if we never surrender; observe the mind tune into the light

Streams of consciousness; remove the night

Polarity is unkind; wrong or right, dim or bright, stay or go, high or low

it is all infinite, it is all abundant

stretched hands – receive abundance

Ask and it is given, attitude of gratitude doubled it and here we grow simply

On women; All hail the mighty “V”

All my life I have loved women. I am enamored by them. Because I am one.

Grown around a patriarchal haze, where women are not praised but thrown down or shit not even mentioned. I have striven for a life that raises women up.

Yes, I’ve had my dark moments; woman shaming, woman hating, bitch fights induced by alcohol and jealousy.

As I came from a woman, became a woman and maybe one day will make a woman; I vow to myself to never compare my standing in this big beautiful universe with another woman.

I want to take a moment of silence so I may apologize to all the women I have hurt in my life all the mean words that slipped my lips before I thought twice. If it weren’t for all my mommas and sisters I wouldn’t know what strength is.

I’ll lift my ladies up and be inspired by their achievements. Women who support women is the only kind of woman. 

All my life I have loved women. I am enamored by them. Because I am one.