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After work one night I was rolling around by myself when a few of ‘the boys’ from work who were far better than me and quite good at lookin’ good on a board, rocked up.  I scrambled off the ramp and sat on the bench while they took over. 

“Lil! What up, not gunna skate anymore? That’s no fun. Come skate with us.” Mac winks at me and strides up the wedge to the flat top. “Well, I was gonna chill for a sec and ya know catch my breathe… plus you guys are so good I don’t wanna slow you down.” 

He looks back at me, “Are you nervous or something, Lil?” That fuckin’ smirk complimenting his deep voice sent a titillating shiver through the depths of me. The horndog was awakened. I pop up, “Ha nervous around you guys? Never.” As the lie flowed out of my mouth, I thought I was going to dribble a little. 

We turned up the music and began to thrash the wood. Mac had my undivided attention, He held the allure of a sex-god … naturally I was determined to get into his pants. He skated like he was surfing a wave, each turn flowed into the next, his shirt floating up his carved body and his pants sagged down revealing where his lower back met top of his ass; was he not wearing any undies? I pressed the back of my fingers to my mouth and cast my eyes down. I had to physically turn my head as to not stare too long. He got my heart pounding and my panties soaking. Now it was my turn. 

A devilish smile thrown my way after he slashed a long loud front side grind, I looked back at him and I decide to go for it, try a front side grind on that mouth watering diamond cut coping  (it is orgasmically satisfying). I roll down the wedge, my shoulders tilted down then launching up the half pipe, I open my arms to turn right, I gently push my back wheels towards the coping feeling the vibration of metal on metal then come back down with my front shoulder down and a heavy front foot. A beaming smile spread wide on my face, I feel victorious yet ready for another trick, this is when I realize my board has stopped but I have not. I’m flying through the air without my board, due to a small pebble which halted my wheels but kept me flying towards the ground like a drunken super woman, rubbing my arms boobs,belly, and upper legs against half the ramp. WOW, wood burn is incredible. I lay there pretty sure all humility is exposed, definitely aware that the boys are shocked by what just happened. As I roll over with my eyes closed the words, “FUCK ME” slip out of  my mouth. I open my eyes to see three strapping young men looking over me with worried eyes, “Lil! Are you ok? Can you get up? Holy shit you’re GNARLY!” 

“I feel a little dazed, not gonna lie, what just happened?” I picked my head up a little to look down at my body to make sure I’m not bleeding. I’m not. Phew. Then I start laughing at the pain, the fall scared me more than the damage done “Holy shit that was crazy.” I reach my hands up so they could pull me to my feet, then dusting the dirt off I try to act cool and undisturbed, “Did you see that!? I totally grinded the shit out of the coping, FRONT SIDE.”  

“Dude you killed it, you wanna sit down for a little bit bud?” My coworker, Jake insists that I sit down, but my brow furrows and I push that comment aside, “Absolutely not. I’m gonna have a sip of my beer and go again!” 

Mac follows me to the bench, “I like watching you skate, lookin’ pretty hot when you fall too.” My eyes widen as the words caress my ears. He squeezes my arm a little then jogs back up the ramp. His pants loose around his hips, exposing just the right amount, provoking dirty thoughts, fuck I want that boy. Slamfuckingtastic. 

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