Explore the Mind // Tantalize the body

This hasn’t been an easy process, I’ve conflicted back and forth with myself debating whether or not this is a good idea. Push my writing, thoughts and feelings out there in the big mean world. At some point you either have to fly or fail.

I was born in San Francisco to a couple of strange hippies, they blessed me with a nomadic spirit. Now I live in Australia, calling Byron Bay my home for now. There are three forms of writing I enjoy; poetry, short stories and sporadic raving about what I love.

This is for the folks who want to experience the raunchy truth of life, get down in the nitty gritty of emotion, turmoil, utter confusion and constant existential crisis. We are the lost and the found. The depressed and the joyful. Come follow me down the rabbit whole of human existence.

Hold space; for yourself & others