Welcome to my world. This is a place for me to share myself with other like-minded individuals. What you’ll find wandering through my mind are my creations; writings, photos, modeling images, skateboarding. These things are my passions. My hope is to connect with others in order to create more beauty, understanding and unity. I believe we are community minded people. If we don’t support each other we have nothing.

I hold space; for myself & others

So why LilSk8Rat?

At 17 I fell in love with skateboarding. Crash and burn rise from the ashes, fly through bowls of concrete kind of skating. This is a sport not for the faint of heart. But for the hurt, lost, troubled, angsty, boundary pushing ratbags. It became apart of me. It changed everything. As most know, when something is right it flows like a river without a bend. While I continue to grow, learn, transition into new parts of myself I always have skateboarding. Contradictions are my favorite. Femininity and Masculinity all in one. I am all Lil. A Lil bit of everything.